Barnacles and Courage

  This morning I read Psalm 31:24 - Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart, All you who hope in the Lord.
  Normally, when I think of courage, I think of something akin to bravery.  But this morning, I decided to check it out in Strong's Concordance.  One of the first definitions was fasten upon.  Continuing in this vein, I looked up strengthen and one of the meanings was establish.  Heart could mean understanding, and hope, to be patient.
  As I started to meditate, the word barnacles came to mind.  I sure don't know much about barnacles, and so this evening, I decided to finally do a search.  The first site I found said that barnacles have one of the strongest natural adhesives known to man. 
  Generally, I like to think of my relationship with the Lord, not so much about my clinging to Him, but vice versa.  Having turned all of this around in my mind for hours now,however, I would like to give the JLW translation of this verse: Fasten yourself with all of the strength you can muster, And He shall establish your understanding as you wait patiently on Him.
  Need understanding?  Now you know what to do.


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