It's Too Early to Quit

  How often do you follow through on commitments and how often do you quit?  Did you know that 6% of couples who divorce remarry each other?  Granted, that is not a very high percentage, but it happened to my parents and I know at least one other couple who did the same.
  My family has often listened to the radio drama Unshackled.  These are true stories that illustrate how the power of Jesus Christ transforms lives.  After a number of years of listening to these stories, I can't help noticing how often the darkest times are right before the "Son" breaks through. 
  Are you ready to give up on God, your marriage, your children, or your church?  Perhaps you feel you have given God more than enough time to solve your current crisis and he just hasn't come through for you.  That doesn't mean he won't. 
  I once heard that couples who are experiencing marital difficulties were happier five years down the road.  Has it been more than five?  Don't despair.  All time tables are not alike.  For some it may be less than five, for others, a good deal more. 
  Is it ever the proper time to quit?  Of course.  I once was a helper for AWANA.  I honestly thought this was something I wanted to do.  But just a month or two into the AWANA year and I was hoping for its cancellation, due to snow.  In spite of that, I dragged myself there by the scruff of the neck until the year ended. 
  Later, I became the store person for AWANA.  This is something I really enjoy doing and have been doing for several years now.  In fact, I now handle the store for both AWANA and Sunday School.  Having a good many children and learning how to find the best deals has been ideal preparation for this position.
  God may let you off of the hook, like he did me, because he has something better in mind.  But there are some things for which this can never be true.  He may lead you to another church, but far too often we leave for all the wrong (translate selfish) reasons.  Be sure, though, He will never lead you to divorce or to give up on your children, as frustrating as either may be!
  There have been times when I have wanted to, and would have, quit my marriage and my church, had it not been for the grace of God.  There were two instances that I felt God let me down so badly that I wanted to quit being a Christian.  Of course, any true believer knows this is an impossibility.  He will not let us go!
   Are you ready to quit today, but you know in your heart of hearts it is not the will of God?  Take one day at a time.  Look to God.  He will get you through.  And when he does, you will look back and see his faithfulness.


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