Getting Back a Good Reputation

  Years ago, I was opening a pack of Neccos (candy) at my local pharmacy when the owner/pharmacist "caught" me.  Actually, I wasn't trying to hide anything, but by the look on his face, I knew he thought I was stealing.  It was a reasonable assumption to make.  I was in plain view of the cashier, but I should have told her what I was doing first. 
  The reason I was opening the package is because I was making a birthday cake that required the candy for decoration.  I don't remember which color I was looking for or how many.  I just know that I wanted to see how many packs I needed to buy.
  I quickly explained what I was doing, but whether he believed me or not, I'm not sure.  Either way, from then on, I felt self-conscious whenever I was there.  I was very careful not to do anything suspect.
  Last week, all of that changed.  On Friday, I bought a container of supplements costing nearly $50.  Following that, I went grocery shopping.  For some unknown reason, the cashier had put my check back in the bag.  I discovered it when the pharmacy was closed, but I determined to call the next day.
  When I called, they confirmed that the drawer had come up short that day.  I told them I would be in for a prescription refill within the next few days and I would return the check.  Of course, they thanked me.
   I probably suffered needlessly all of those years, but it demonstrates something.  Once you either willfully or stupidly do something to mar your reputation, it may take a long time before you are able to make it good. In my case, it took divine intervention and a good number of years.


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