What do you really enjoy?  Are you passionate about music?  Sports?  Some cause?
   Yesterday, there was an article in the paper about a 100 year old man.  I don't remember his name, but at one time, he was Mr. Universe.  He just recently gave up weight lifting, due to a stroke, but he is still involved in mentoring others.  Obviously, this is his passion.
    Interestingly enough, he has two sons, neither of which share this pursuit.  I'm guessing that has been a dissapointment to him, at least on some level.
    I love words!  There's actually a name for someone like me.  Lexophile.  If you are like some of the members of my family, you're rolling your eyes right now and saying, "Why can't you just say you love words?  Why does there have to be a name for it?"  In their minds, the fewer the words, the better.
    My great grandmother was a fascinating woman.  I have her bookcase, and share her love of reading.  She also loved birds and cats; not exactly the best combination.  She could recognize a bird by its song.  I, too, enjoy birds but have discovered trying to identify them is just frustrating, and I certainly don't know their songs.  But  you can imagine my surprise when my 13 year old daughter did not know what a robin looks like!  So, I took her outside and showed her one.  In a flat tone, she said, "Oh, I've seen them before."  The fact of the matter is, she has no interest whatsoever.
   Are your interests your child's as well?  Perhaps so and perhaps not.  Maybe your child not only has no leaning toward the things that interest you, he may actually think your interests are petty or stupid.  Fortunately, I have enough children (7) that at least one of my children shares in my enthusiasm for each of those things which excite me.
   What should be our response if our child(ren) don't share in our pursuits?  Acceptance.  Learn to appreciate what makes them tick.  Try to enjoy it on at least some level.  Ask questions.  Go to watch a performance or game.  Listen to them talk about what they love and bask in the glow in their eyes.
    There is one exception to my rule.  Passion for Christ.  I will not accept that any of my children would cast Him aside.  I'm not talking about badgering here.  I'm talking about teaching, sharing, and praying.  Till my dying day this, above all passions, rules.


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