Divine Warnings

  Have you ever been divinely warned?  I have.  One time, in particular, comes to mind.  As an adolescent, I moved, along with my mother and sister, from Middleburg, PA to Middletown, PA.  The distance is only an hour and a half or so, but the lifestyle is lightyears away. 
  Middleburg is a small rural town.  Most of the people work in factories or on farms.  My life revolved around school, extracurricular activities, family happenings, and to a lesser degree, church.
  Middletown is not far from Harrisburg, the capitol of Pennsylvania.  Though there are  farms and, I am sure, some factories too, life is very much influenced by its proximity to the city.  Life moves at a much faster clip.  People shop, work, and visit the city; sometimes on a daily basis.  
   Moving from Middleburg to Middletown was culture shock.  When I arrived in Middletown, I was still playing with dolls, but when I went to school, one of the first questions was, "Who are you going with?"  They were talking, of course, about a relationship with a boy.  I was clueless.
   I lived in Middletown for about seven years.  My mother met Jesus, who led her to come home to Middleburg to be reconciled to my father after having been divorced.  I remained in Middletown.  I was attending HACC, but followed soon afterward, not only her newfound faith, but her geographical move, as well.
  Living as an unsaved person in Middletown, I sometimes smoked cigarettes.  A pack actually lasted me a very long time, since I basically smoked on two occasions; when I was very high, or when I was very low.  Well, let me tell you, even though my move was the correct one to make, it was very difficult.  I now had the culture shock of returning to Middleburg.  I had no idea how hard that would be.  I wondered what in the world I was thinking when I did it.  I was lonely and restless. Hence, I had an occasional cigarette.
  One time, I was about to light up when the Lord warned me very strongly in my spirit that to do so would cause me to be addicted.  I've not smoked another cigarette since.  I could have ignored the warning.  It wouldn't have kept me from heaven, but it could have caused problems for my children, and ultimately of course, for me.  I seriously doubt that my husband would have married a smoker, either; all very good reasons for quitting. 
   The Bible gives us a number of stories of people being warned by God.  One, of course, is Noah.  God not only warned him about the coming flood, but gave explicit instructions on how to build the ark.  Lucky for us, he followed the directions exactly as God gave them. Another that comes to mind is Lot's wife.  She didn't heed God's warning and was turned to a pillar of salt. 
   If the Lord warns you, you are probably a follower of His, or are going to be.  In Hebrews 11, the great faith chapter, being divinely warned is an attribute of faith.  It certainly was true for Noah.
   In my experience, being divinely warned isn't a common occurence, but when you are, I suggest you listen and obey.  It could be a matter of life and death!


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