The Sweet Rewards of Waiting

   I don't like to wait.  Neither do you.  Whether it is something as short lived and simple as standing in a check-out aisle or something as major as waiting for a mate, we'd rather not, thank you very much.  Admittedly, some are better than others.  And, I believe, some may do better at short term stuff, while others do better with the long haul.
   Living in an Old Order Mennonite Community, we've had to wait longer than most for high speed internet. Accessing some things was either a)impossible or b)next to impossible.  Often, it wasn't even worth the bother!  Time and time again, I checked to see whether it was available.  It wasn't. And then, out of the blue, it happened!
   That was about a month ago, and along with it, we also got unlimited long distance on our phone. I can finally call all my friends from church without considering the cost. I am in heaven! Notice I said it was about a month ago, and still the elation!
  How long does the high of a need/want fulfilled last?  It is usually proportionate to the time of waiting.  Little wait, no biggie.  Long wait, indescribable joy! Joy that sometimes lasts for quite a while.
  I have seven children.  For what seems like an eternity, I was "bogged down" with car seats, diaper bags, and strollers.  To go anywhere was quite the undertaking.  I remember, very vividly, going to the mall and watching another woman just get out of her car and go inside.  Wow!  What a luxury!
  My "baby" is 14.  May I tell you, I still don't take my freedom for granted? I still get a charge out of coming and going as I please, without little children tagging along, and without all of the extra baggage.
  Waiting produces joy.  It is good for us.  Deprivation can be the genesis for patience, hard work, appreciation, and faith.  We are all waiting on things, big and small, all of the time.  Let's encourage ourselves and each other with the thought that the waiting is not in vain. Look up and persevere!


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