Scripture Prayers

  A few times in my life, I've been shell shocked by some unexpected news.  When prayer was most needed, I felt too numb to pray.  But scripture prayers saved the day.  I happened to have some on hand.  A few I have owned are prayers for mothers, prayers for wives, and prayers for our nation.
  Recently, I bought a new book of scripture prayers to pray for my husband.  At first, I prayed them only for him, but then I started incorporating more and more people; family members, church members, neighbors, friends.
  The beauty of scripture prayers is that you know you are praying for God's will; plus, you don't need to know anything, really, about the person or the particulars of what they are going through at the moment.
   Many times we are praying, "Please help Aunt Betty find a job."  "Please help my child do well in school."
"Please help us pay our bills this month."  There is nothing wrong with these kinds of prayers and we can and should be praying them throughout the day.  (Casting all our cares on Him, for He cares for us.) But compare those kinds of prayers to the depth of scripture prayers:  I pray that because Your way is perfect and Your word is proven; that You, God, are a shield to my husband, who trusts in You. (Psalm 18:30)  See the difference?
   When we pray scripture, not only are we praying God's will, but we are renewing our minds with the word at the same time. In case you didn't know, God says this is how we are changed.  God's word changes us from the inside.
   Don't have any scripture prayer books?  They are handy, but you don't need any.  The Bible works just fine!


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