How Low Can You Go?

    Ever played Limbo Stick?  The goal is to go under the limbo stick without touching the stick.  But with each successful attempt, the limbo stick is lowered.  Meanwhile, the lyrics of the song are taunting, "How low can you go?"
    Sometimes life is life that.  The "stick" may be high and easy to go in under for awhile.  Times are good.  Your family is prospering, you're advancing in your job, friends are plentiful. Naturally, there are those little annoyances you have to navigate, but you expect that in life.  You're willing to put in a little extra time, energy, or thought to whatever the problem might be, but then it is smooth sailing again.
   Then there are those unexpected setbacks - loss of a job, divorce, cancer.  If you are hit with only one thing at a time, more than likely you'll recover in rather short order.  But what happens when you are bombarded with several things?
   In Pursuit of Happiness is a movie based on a true story in which Will Smith plays the part of Chris Gardner.  Chris is in sales but makes an unwise decision.  As a result, his wife has to pull double shifts and they are late on the rent.  Finally fed up, she leaves.  Left behind is her 5 year old son for Chris to manage.
   Things go from bad to worse (the limbo stick is now being lowered so as to make it almost impossible to clear it) and they end up homeless. In the meantime, Chris lands an internship position as a stockbroker which offers lots of promise, but no cash for 6 months.  He manages to  be the one chosen for the job from a group of twenty, all the while making an almost impossible feat look easy.
    In a similar situation, many would quit - live off of the system, let a relative or friend take care of them (fine as a temporary solution) or drown themselves in alcohol.  But Chris chose the grueling course and tasted the sweetness of victory.
   It's no different with us.  Has life presented you with a problem that is going to take everything you have to see you through?  Press through.  Press into Jesus.  Don't give up hope.  Pray. With God's help, you can do this.  Don't take your eyes off of the prize.  Some day, you will look back and shake your head, wondering how you ever made it.


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