Impressing Parents

   Over the last several years, we have had a lot of teens and young adults in our home.  Some have been friends and some boyfriends or girlfriends.  Recently, David, home from college, paid us a visit.  He used to be in our home for lunch pretty much every Monday during the school year and at other times as well. I didn't realize how much I missed him until he was here, again.
   One of the "losses" that I am going to have as the last of my children leave the nest is also the loss of their friends.  I am in contact with many of them on facebook and have probably prayed for each of them at least several times - more for some than others.
  Lucas, who lived with us for several months is soon coming home for two weeks for my son's wedding.  I am looking forward to seeing him, as he is my "adopted" son.
  How young people behave in my home, for good or bad, says a lot about their upbringing.  That is why I grill my kids on their behavior when they are guests in someone else's home.  Having said that, I would like to list what have been the things that have been important to me as a parent.  I realize that we all have different values, but I think most parents would be on the same page, plus or minus a few items.


1)Ignore everyone else in the family other than your friend.  After all, you're not here to see them.
2)When you are invited for a meal act like a king/queen.  You are the guest after all.  No need to volunteer to help in any way.
3)Stay too late.
4)Don't bother to say thank you for anything.
5)For boyfriend/girlfriend - Make it all about your family - their events, their habits, their likes or dislikes.  Never mind what our family's opinions, likes, dislikes are.  Keep us in the dark about everything.  Don't include us in anything. Act like it is all about you as a couple and we are insignificant.

  All the friends that I have liked have violated one or more of these rules at one time or another.  But some have violated so many I find it impossible to like them, try as I may.  Understand that you are making an impression, one way or another.
  Some of you simply don't give a rip.  I get that.  That's why I don't like you.


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