The Nerve-Racking Wait

   Normally, around this time of year, I am searching the mail every day for a letter with the return address of my local school district.  That is because I am expecting that all important letter that says "based on this review , it would appear that an appropriate education occurred during the 20__-20__ school year.  Your children would therefore be eligible to continue Home Schooling during the 20__-20__ school year."
   To someone who has never homeschooled, the import of this letter could never be understood.  But what this letter has essentially given me permission to do is coninue on in a lifestyle that I have nutured for the last 25 years, for at least one more year.  Honestly, such power should never have been handed to the government.  My children are a gift to me from God.  They are not a gift to the state.
   There are parents who, even now, are adjusting to their children being around for the summer.  Of course, many don't have to adjust at all, they simply hire babysitters.  Some of those same parents will breathe a sigh of relief when the kids go back to school.  How sad.
   My two teenaged girls just had a week without mom.   I was off in another state having brain surgery.  They probably had to adjust to MY return!  They love a little independence. The older of the two has just gotten her license and they have been making little shopping jaunts and such.  My husband asked recently, "Don't they like us anymore?"
   Honestly, though, I never worry about my girls' friends or activities.  They like to hang out with their older siblings, who are all married.  They adore their nephews.  They play ping pong, Xbox360, frisbee, croquet, bowling, and monopoly. They go shopping.  One is an animal nut.  The other plays with the youth worship team. The older works part time, and the younger would, if she were able.
   There are conflicts, naturally, but they are rare and short lived. My kids are happy and well adjusted.  Homeschooling produces a rare breed of citizens.  For the most part, you won't find them among the unemployed.  Rather, you will find them among the entrepreneurs, the leaders, the achievers.  The government should leave us alone.


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