Full Circle

    Tonight, I took my friend Ruby's 3 year old grandson to our church for AWANA.  For us, AWANA all began many years ago when her daughter, Trish, invited my daughter, Tabitha, to go to Richfield Mennonite Church for their AWANA program.
   Soon, not only was Tabitha going, but so were her siblings, Ben, Rachel, and Andrew. Instead of Ruby taking them, a woman from their church, April, began doing it.Then our church, New Buffalo Christian and Missionary Alliance began an AWANA program.  Soon, all of our kids were involved except our oldest son, Joshua.  Elizabeth and Rebekah were the last to join the ranks.
  Today, Tabitha takes her son, Matthan, to a different church to attend AWANA, even though her husband is a pastor.  Ben, and his wife Dani, are game leaders in our church. And Andrew is a helper for T & T.
  Who knows?  Someday, if the Lord tarries, perhaps Tabitha and Trish's sons will be working with the AWANA program in their churches. What a blessing!


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