Just Cry, "Mom"

  As I was exiting our church's packed and noisy fellowship hall this evening, someone yelled, "Mom"!  I don't know who it was but I immediately turned, even though I had none of my kids  along with me.  It reminded me of a community program some of my older children and I attended so many years ago.  We were told that when a child is being abducted, they should just yell mom, because every mother within earshot will automatically turn.  It is so true.  I've experienced it more times than I can count.
  After getting some mother's attention, it is time to say, "You're not my dad!"  Think about it.  How many times have you seen fathers struggling with their (you assume) unruly children.  Though it may attract some unwanted attention, we're not generally thinking, I bet that guy is abducting that kid.  No, we're thinking the child hasn't been trained very well.
  Of course, if the person abducting the child is a woman, "You're not my dad", isn't the correct thing to say, but I'm assuming you already know that.


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