A Penny For Your Prayers

   I am working on a penny project for my grandaughter, MacKenzie.  Granted, it takes a whole lot of pennies to buy anything these days, so why save them?  I have done two of these projects to date - one for each of my oldest daughter's boys.
  What I do is find some sort of container, which I decorate, and then fill with pennies.  But, for each of the pennies saved, a prayer is said.  This, of course, is not the only time I pray for them, but having 7 children, 2 sons-in-law, 2 daughters-in-law, 2 significant others, and 5 grandchildren (with two on the way) means a lot of prayers.  And so, I often prayer collective prayers - all my sons, all my daughters, all the marriages, all of the grandchildren.  I think you get the picture.  And so, individual prayers are at a premium.
   I've prayed all kinds of prayers for Machenzie - health, relationships, and safety, to name a few.  When I give her the container, she will be too young to appreciate it.  For how long it will be saved, I have no idea.  Of course, her parents are free to use those pennies for anything at anytime.  I'm hoping, however, it will just be a decoration until she is old enough to understand.
   Grandparents can give their grandchildren all kinds of gifts.  Bless those who are able to give  monetary gifts.  Halleleujah for those who give lots of time to their grandchildren.  Praise the Lord for grandparents who teach their grandchildren a skill, however small.  But from my perspective, nothing beats spiritual gifts.
   Give your grandchildren money, if you are able.  Give them your time.  It won't be wasted. Share your talents with them.  But please, don't neglect giving them the gifts that will last for time and eternity - prayer with and for them, taking them to church and/or spiritual events, teaching hymns and spiritual songs, reading Bible stories, leading them to Christ, or doing a missions project together.  Nothing else can replace the memories that last for time and eternity.


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