A Short Friendship

  My first encounter with Diana was most unusual.  We were both at the same table tying knots on blankets for the Linus project, when I noticed and commented on a ring she was wearing.  It was just a cheap fashion ring, I am sure. But when I told her it was pretty, she passed it to me and said, "Try it on".  It was too big, so she said, "Try the middle finger."  It fit, and she told me to keep it. Never in my fifty plus years had something like that happened to me!
  Later, I made my way over to her and introduced myself.  As it turns out, she knew both my mother and my aunt Sara, to whom she was closer in age. She was already pretty disabled at this point in her life, and she asked for my email address.  To keep herself entertained, she had a list of people to whom she sent and received emails.  I knew what to expect, and I honestly wasn't interested, but after her kindness to me, how could I say anything but yes?
  And so began, a short, but fruitful friendship.  When she had to be temporarily taken to a nursing home, her brother sent out an email to let us know and I visited.  She would never recognize me, so I had to introduce myself all over again.
  One time, she told me that they had "lost her" for a few minutes.  And so it was no surprise, when months later, after another trip to the hospital, I received the email that told of her death.
   In the brief time we knew each other, she made her mark on my life, and I made my mark on her's. But mostly, it was the mark of God.  I've no doubt the timing was His.  I've no doubt the ministry was real.  Her kindness to me brought about my much appreciated visits and prayers.  And the ring she gave me will be a constant reminder that God is good.


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