Can It Get Any Worse?

  I was "in another world", so, at first, I didn't see it. By it, I mean a scrotum hanging from the back of the pickup truck in front of me.  It's not the first time I've ever seen this repulsive replica.  Ok, maybe it is the second. Perhaps the first time around, I was too shocked to even respond.
  This time, my first inclination was to think, "I'd like to meet the driver of that truck."  I can just picture some skinny little wimp who is anything but manly.  Why?  When I used to visit my son in jail, there were a lot of big, fat mamas coming to see the prisoners.  Many wore "five pounds" of jewelry that had to be removed before passing through the metal detector and strutted around in high heels.  On several occassions they wore tops that said things like sexy.  Seriously?  Sexy in a 3X?  I think not.  No woman who is sexy needs to wear a shirt that says so. Simarlarly, no real man needs to flaunt his man parts on the back of his truck.
  Being the internet junky, or information junky, that I am, I had to see just what the meaning is behind this lewd display.  One site said it is for homosexual males to identify each other.  Whoa!  Wonder if the guy I was following knew that. But the urban dictionary said it is a redneck acroutrament - a more logical explanation for what I was seeing.
  My kids say the world's not getting any worse.  They give examples from time immemorial to make their case.  Evil has always been around.  I get that.  I also know how things have changed in my 57 years of life.  May I say, then, that never have things been so reprobate.  Case in point.


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