The ABCs of Homeschooling - Letter B

   B is for believe.  Belief governs everything we do, say, and think.  In regards to homeschooling, belief may fall into one of several categories.  Belief category number one is, "I believe I can homeschool".  It may mean that you think you have the intellegence, education, determination, creativity, or any number of other factors that would lend themselves to this kind of thinking.  I know of one homeschooling family for whom this evidently applies.  I don't know them very well, but I know their homeschooling is entirely secular and I think they've been at it for a while, now.  I am of the impression, perhaps wrongly, that there isn't a whole lot of doubt going on, either. For some people, I guess, this works.
   Category number two is, "I believe we should try homeschooling this year."  Actually, this is more about a trial than an actual belief.  It is sort of like living together before, or instead of, marriage.  There is no commitment whatever to homeschooling.  These are the families who send their kids to public school one year, homeschool another, and then private school the next.  They really are on the fence.  Every year is a reevaluation.  I guess, long story short, they really don't know what they believe.
   Category number three is, "I believe it is ok to let my child decide."  At any age, this is just parental abdication, in my book.
   Category number four is, "I believe God wants me to homeschool." This is the category into which I fall.  I have been faithful to this call for 28 years, now.  More importantly, God has been faithful to me.  May I give just one illustration?  My daughter, Tabitha, went to a local community college for nursing.  The problem is, she needed to know how to use a microscope and we have never had one in our homeschool.  After graduating, she was living with a friend and her family to reduce her commute time to the college. Said friend was younger and going to a co-op.  They allowed Tabitha to attend one session, in which she was shown how to use the microscope.  I could relate many more stories of this nature, but right now, that isn't our topic.
  Category number five is actually a negation.  "I don't believe I can homeschool."  This may be because a parent feels she is lacking in intelligence, education, or a character quality, such as patience.  Over the years, I have actually known parents who took forever to commit to homeschooling because of their lack of confidence.  I can think of two who hopped on board, eventually, but they wasted so much time! To the ones who don't think they have the education or intelligence, I say, "Where there's a will, there's a way."  There is so much more available to aid anyone who wants to homeschool than there was when I started. As for character, I hate to tell you friend, but homeschooling will develop your character more than it ever will your kids!
   If you have read to this point, you're probably either already homeschooling or are considering it.  So tell me, "What do you believe?"


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