The One Word Challenge

    Perhaps many of you are thinking about New Year's Resolutions.  You may want to lose weight and get fit, quit smoking, learn something new,eat healthier, or get out of debt and save money. According to TIME, these are actually the top five commonly broken resolutions.
   I am not here to disparage you.  It is always good to have vision and focus, and worthy goals to pursue. But I, for one, have never done very well with New Year's Resolutions, myself.  Perhaps two or three years ago, the Holy Spirit dropped something into my spirit, and that was a word. I'm not sure how good I was at keeping that word at the forefront of my mind, because I can't remember what that first word was.  But, I know the second was love.
  Interestingly enough, after I picked a word, I came across this idea of one word (resolutions).  I wouldn't have called it a resolution, actually, but more of an exploration.  Today, the Lord once again reminded me.  I asked the Holy Spirit for a word, and he gave the word glory to me.  So, in preparation, I reserved a section of my life binder (calendar, grocery list, AWANA schedule, Children's Church schedule, Christmas 31 Day Writing Plan, and more).  I also looked up the word glory and then wrote out the definition.  Then, I went to the Dictionary of Theology and did the same thing.
  My goal is to see the glory in everything, from the mundane, to the spectacular.  I also want to ask God for more revelation concerning this word, which, to some degree, eludes me.
  I also hope to share some of my musings and findings along the way.  If you are tired of the same old, same old, perhaps you would like to join me.  I would love to hear about the word you choose and how that is impacting your life. If you would like to read more about this concept and/or need help choosing a word, try going to
  I hope and pray that 2016 will be enriched and fortified if you so choose to pick a word, and that God's purpose and plan will be magnified in your life in a glorious way!  (And there it is, glory!)


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