Lessons From a Dog

   My dog gave me some insight yesterday about how things sometimes look from God's perspective, versus mine. He had developed a growth on his eyelid and it had grown to the point that it needed to be removed.
   Apparently, he is easily unnerved, because just putting him on the scale caused him to "shake like a leaf". And so, the analogy begins, because sometimes, sad to say, I also get completely terrified simply because I am in unfamiliar waters.
   The vet intended to put him in under and remove the growth through burning.  He assured me that I would be able to get him first thing the next day.  And so, I left.  But, as I did, I couldn't help but think about how Hunter probably felt abandoned. Here he was, now in an unfamiliar and frightening situation and I had left him.  In his doggie brain, it is difficult to say what that meant to him.  He had no idea that I had placed him in good hands and intended to return the next day, at which time, he would be restored to life as he knows it. All he knew was that I left and he was alone with strangers in a strange environment where they had done some uncomfortable things to him.
  Ever been in one of those situations in life where the very time when you need God the most, He seems to completely vanish?  Of course, He hasn't, but it sure can feel that way when we are crying out for answers and he doesn't immediately respond.  Unlike Hunter, we know that God never leaves us.  Unlike Hunter, we know that all things are working for our good.  But knowing and "knowing" are two different things.  What we know in our heads doesn't always translate to our hearts.
  This morning, I went and got him.  In his old age, he is beginning to have trouble getting into the van, but this morning, due to the sedation, I guess, I had to hoist him into the van.  Then, when we got home, he was rather stuck,with his one leg up on the front seat and the rest of his body between the seat and the dash. For a while, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get him unstuck.  But, in short order, I managed.
   Here's where the analogy breaks down, somewhat.  While I may be "stuck", God is never clueless about getting me "unstuck". He is never puzzled for a single moment.
   Once I get "unstuck" by the Lord, I am always kicking myself because I doubted.  But you know, God has compassion on me, knowing that I am but dust.  I'll never know if Hunter doubted that I would come back for him.  I'm guessing that at some level he may have been in doubt.  If he was, I don't fault him for that.  How could he possibly know.  In the same way, the Lord may be shaking His head at me, saying, "Oh, ye, of little faith."  But even in those moments, He honors the little bit of faith that I do have, that part of me that never gets completely extinguished.  He sees my "mustard seed" of faith, and gathers me under his wing like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. I am so thankful that, because I am His, I can live in confidence that He is taking care of things.


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