P is for Pennsylvania

   Among my small circle of friends is a former home educator,  writer, and "expert" in all things Pennsylvania.  Sandy Sieber is a mother of four homeschool graduates - Suzanne, Tad, Ben, and Mattie.
   Her blog is pahistorybooks.blogspot.com. Here you may find interesting tidbits about places of interest in Pennsylvania, famous Pennsylvanians, and even informative suggestions for teaching Pennsylvania history.
  She is the author of Phacops Rana and Other Pennsylvnaia Symbols. Tweens and Teens will enjoy this informative workbook which focuses on  the Keystone State's symbols.  It includes photos and sketches as well as review questions and teacher guidelines.
  The Flying Banana and Other Interesting Pennsylvania Transportation is another interesting paperback.  In addition to a timeline and map, it even includes flashcards. A list of historical sites and transportation exhibits included in the appendix could be the basis for some exciting field trips. Some of the topics covered in this publication are early land travel, early water travel, canal travel, and steamboat travel. The final test incorporates maps, important dates, and a flow chart, as well as multiple choice questions.
  The book Archibald Pothole and Other Pennsylvania State Parks  actually makes three different gameboards covering Eastern, Central, and Western State Parks.
  William Penn and Other Pennsylvanians includes chapters on such well known Pennsylvanians as Benjamin Franklin, Lucretia Mott, and Jimmy Stewart.   Each reading section is followed by a biographical review page with map and timeline work. "Life lessons" throughout the book connect Biblical passages with the text.
   Sandy has her Master's degree in Education from Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania.  Her books are a good choice for fulfilling the Pennsylvania History requirement of the Pennsylvania Homeschool Law.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I've been trying to gather things together for a study on Pennsylvania History for our upcoming school year.

  2. Resources are limited. You're welcome.


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