The Glory of Living with Purpose

    Living with purpose is one of the essentials for living longer.  But, more importantly, living with purpose is actually living.  Everything else is steeped in drudgery.  Putting one foot in front of the other is hardly living.
   For over thirty years, my "big" purpose in life was raising children and homeschooling them.  I never had to guess at what God's will was for me.  Seven children was His idea, not mine.  He also led me to homeschool.  I figured if He ever changed His mind, He would let me know.  He never did.
   Leading up to the end of raising children and homeschooling them, I tried to find God's "big" plan, in advance.  I wanted to move seamlessly from one season to another.  A couple of times, I thought I knew.  But, each time, it seemed to fall through the cracks.
   Now that my youngest just turned 18 this month and she graduated last year, the time of reckoning has come.  Anxious to know the plan?  So am I.  So far, nothing has materialized, and yet, it is appearing day by day.  Let me explain.  You know how God wants us to trust Him for our daily bread? Well, at this time, I think He is asking me to trust him for my daily ministry.  To date, there has been nothing grandiose. In fact, and I hope this isn't pessimistic, I think my greatest work in life has already been done.  I mean, seriously, what could be more important than raising seven kids to know the Lord?  Imagine the impact for the future!
   Now, for what is happening.  I have started to help an elderly neighbor lady two mornings a week.  I guess when you're done taking care of little ones, you move on to adults.  I find the work rewarding.
  Last night, I was making mints for the wedding of a young woman at church.  A trifle, perhaps, but when you consider that we are commanded to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep, I can't think of a better way to bless her.
  I have started to lead a class called I am N, for the ladies at our church. The subject matter is persecuted Christians. To foster a concern for the persecuted church that they might be supported through prayer and giving, is no small thing; at least not to them.
   Last weekend, I traveled to my daughter's home.  She is in another state with a ruptured membrane while her husband is left behind to care for three little boys.  He is a pastor.  By taking just a little time to assist, he was able to mow the lawn (pretty difficult with an almost two year old, a four year old, and a six year old), make a hospital visitation and attend a men's breakfast.  While I am assisting him, I am enabling him to minister to his church.
    I continue serving in my church as Children's Church Coordinator and AWANA and Sunday School Store manager.  I tear sheets into strips to be rolled for bandages for mission hospitals in Africa.  I have pen pals from around the world.
Boredom is not a problem.
    Perhaps, this is my new way of living, and it will continue.  Or, maybe it is a stepping stone.  Either way, I know some people who never seem to be able to find the will of God - people who are forever restless.  I pray that I may not despise the day of small things.  I seek to be content in knowing that God knows I am available for His assignments, big or small.  I know that I was created for good works that God prepared in advance.  That is enough.


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