Almost 60

        My daughter, Rachel, has an analytical mind, as I do.  I'll bet she was maybe only fourteen or so when she asked me, "What do you have to look forward to at your age?"  I was rocked to my core.  I don't know how I answered and I'm sure the answer didn't come quickly.
       The thought never occurred to me when I began this blog that I'd still be writing as I enter the sixth decade of my life.  But, in a few short months, I'll no longer be "fiftysomething".  The big six O is on the horizon.
        I remember being aware of how my thinking was changing as I was in my fifties. And now, I am, once again, cognizant of the fact that my thinking is again changing as I enter my sixties.
       So, what's different?  I find myself doing a lot of thinking about the past.  As my youngest daughter officially became an adult in September, I think of days gone by - times when our lives were filled to the brim with children's laughter, activities, music, and more.  I think a lot about my childhood, too.
        Some people say things like, "If only I were sixteen, again."  Seriously?  No thanks.  I've lived a good portion of my life, and I am ok with that.  I am not pining for the past.
        Young people are forward thinking; hoping to turn twelve so they can go hunting, or sixteen so they can drive.  Always, it is about life ahead of them.  But, sixty, that is another story.  Do I think about the future and still have goals?  Absolutely!  I could never live just one foot in front of the other.  I actually just completed a goal that I've had for years.  In my church, I've worked with children, but I don't really like children's ministry.   So, I've "paid my dues" and just recently had the opportunity to lead a small group of women through a six week course.  I've already decided what I'd like to teach next.  Here is where my heart is, not with children.
         A lot of my life is still centered in my family - get togethers, baby sitting, and helping with the educational process. In that sense, there is always something with which to look forward.
         Today, I am going to my daughter's to assist.  She just had a new baby.  I may cook, do laundry, or help with the boys - probably a combination of all three. I will be a part of the craziness of four little boys.  There will be crying (plenty of that), whining, running, screaming, and "Hey Omi, watch this."  I will feel bombarded and overwhelmed, but  I will feel a sense of satisfaction for having been able to enter their world and lessen the load, if just for a few days. Then, I will come home and do the same things, basically, sans all the commotion, and I will be glad that stage of life is behind me.
         Yes, most of my life is in the rear view mirror, and I am ok with that.  God had a plan that included raising seven children and homeschooling them.  It was God's "big task" for me. I have run the race, I have finished my course.  I expect to hear, "Well done thou good and faithful servant", and I couldn't ask for anything better.


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