A Song of the Redeemed

Wild, crazy, uninhibited,
I want to soar with the eagles.
Sing from the roof tops.
Dance with the flamingo.

Worlds of color swirl around me.
Brightness, unparalleled.
Soar, soar, soar, in flagrant joy.

Freedom from the cares of this world.
Eternity drawing closer.
A home, prepared for me.

This world, growing dimmer, minute by minute.
This world, but a vapor.
A shadow.  Time eclipsed in time immortal!

Oh, bend your knee to the Sovereign.
Rejoice in the Glorious One.
Rise above this world's prized treasures -
power, money, fame.

Stoop to lower things.
The first shall be last.
The servant rises above the ruler.

Everything is plain to those who can truly see.
Hear the joyful sound.
March to the beat of a different drummer.
Hosanna!  Hosanna!

Our God Reigns!


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