New Pastor

  Right about the time I was entering the fifth decade of life, a young man came to candidate for pastor at our church. 
  Up until this time, I had never had a pastor who was younger than I, but inevitably, this has to be the case at some point in our lives.  It was something I had never considered.
  As I listened to him teach, it was running through my mind that his age matched the length of time I had been a Christian, and I started to think, what could he possibly teach me?  He was, after all, the age of my oldest son.
  When he finished the lesson, he arrogantly (or so I thought) asked if there were any questions.
  Sunday School was followed by church, and he preached.  I couldn't tell you what verses he used or even what the point of the sermon was.  All I know, is that he used the example of a middle-aged man in his sermon.  He started telling us how a middle-aged man thinks.  That stopped me in my tracks!  How did he know how a middle-aged man thinks at the ripe old age of 27!  I was just beginning to know how a middle-aged woman thinks. 
  It was then that I recognized his wisdom. 
  One of the men responsible for making a decision about him turned around and asked me what I thought.  I gave a big smile and a thumbs up.
   I've not regretted that thumbs up.  This "youngster" was definitely an answer to my prayers.


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