Christmas Without Santa

  Growing up, I was exposed to the usual way of handling holidays - Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.  It was great fun, until I discovered the truth.  I forget which of the three I found out was a lie  first.  All I know is that when I found out one was a lie, I quickly figured out that the others were as well.
  I was shocked!  I felt betrayed.
  My reaction was, no doubt, not the norm.  Truth has always been, and continues to be, very important to me. To many, it is probably no big deal.  I have never actually asked anyone else what their reaction was upon discovery.
  I decided, early on, that I would not do this to my children.  I was unsaved at this point in my life, so it had nothing to do with religious convictions.
  Fortunately, I have a husband who was ok with this. 
  It was interesting when my kids were little.  We would be out at a store, and inevitably, someone would say, "Is Santa coming to your house?"  Since the kids would give a blank stare, I would have to explain.
  Some might think that my kids missed out on something important.  I just asked the three at home if they ever thought that to be the case.  Without hesitation, they all expressed the same sentiment.  They think the whole thing is "dumb". 
  Perhaps, they wouldn't say that if we had just left a void there.  I think all of my kids have expressed an interest in trick or treating, probably because we have just, for the most part, ignored Halloween.  (Maybe just because they love candy.)
  Anyway, Christmas and Easter have been filled with Christ honoring activities.  We always go to Candlelight service on Christmas Eve.  The kids have been involved in Christmas dramas and programs.  We do have a Christmas tree and share gifts, and though I don't like to decorate, the girls do.  I have always allowed my kids to help with the decorating.  Needless to say, sometimes our trees have looked pretty ridiculous, but that is ok.  In addition, my kids always make an advent chain.  After all, other than birthdays, it is pretty much the only time they get new stuff!
  At Easter, we have always hidden eggs and the kids get Easter candy.  But they know there is no Easter bunny.  In fact, they have always delighted in coloring the eggs themselves. (Counts for art at our house.)
  And so, if you are a parent, or are going to be one, I hope this is food for thought and prayer.


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