A Little Story

  An old man and his grandson went to town on a donkey.  People were appalled.  The two of them should not both be riding on the poor little donkey.  So, the man and his grandson discussed what they should do.  The next time, the old man rode and the grandson walked.  Still the people objected.  Make the poor boy walk?  Finally, they arrrived in town for the third time, thinking they had finally gotten it right.  But they were surprised when again the people chided them.  Shouldn't the boy have some respect for his elderly grandfather?
  The moral of the story?  Don't be a people pleaser.  You put yourself in a no win situation.  If you are a married woman, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and under the authority of your husband.  Don't let your mother, mother - in - law, friend, neighbor, or even the church dictate how you live your life.  You have to answer to God, not them.


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