Gushy Gerta

      If there is anyone I can count on to give me big smiles, exaggerated hellos, and an occasional hug at church, it is "Gushy Gerta".  For years, it seems, she has tried to win me over, and I think she realizes that she is failing miserably but is totally clueless as to why.  In fact, she probably thinks I am the most unfriendly person ever. Time and again, she has tried to pull me into her fun schemes, but I'm not interested.
     I've never taken a poll, but probably lots of other people enjoy her company.  And why not?  She loves to laugh and have fun.  I like to laugh and have fun, too, but unlike her, I take life seriously.  She thinks life is a playground, while I think life is a battlefield, spiritually speaking.
     I remember when we first started coming to our church.  That was the worst!  Little did she know that when I saw her coming, I wanted to run!  I don't care to be ignored when visiting a new church, but there is a difference between being friendly and gushing.  Friendly is good.  Gushing is repulsive, at least to me.  But see, that's the difference between me and a lot of other people. I suspect a lot of people like gushy.  It makes them feel special.  And I'm pretty sure that is what Gushy Gerta wants them to think.  The trouble is, all you have to do is watch her for fifteen minutes as she goes merrily about gushing on one person and then the next.  So, the question is, "How does that make you special?"


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