My kids and my husband share a common interest to which I am not a party - sports.  Oh, I've played volleyball on a traveling team, played tennis as a senior in high school when tennis courts were built at my school, met my husband on a church bowling team, and have enjoyed such pursuits as ping pong; but though I have watched several sports for years, I have little to no understanding of them.
       Last year, my son, Andrew (18), played homeschool volleyball.  This year, he coached the junior A team, of which my daughter was a part.  He kept saying to her, "Celebrate it."  All the while, I thought he was trying to get her team in high spirits.  It wasn't until most of the games were under their belt (they won the championship) that some light was shed.  He turned to me and said, "See, we are totally in their heads.  They don't know what to do." 
       What he was trying to do, wasn't build up his own team, but rather demoralize theirs.  I saw things in a new light.  I was only seeing the whole spectacle from a physical perspective, but it is so much more than that!  He knew that if he could get the opposing team to doubt their ability to win, half  of the battle was already won.  What a revelation!
       But wait!  Isn't this what the enemy of our souls does to us?  If he can get us to believe God doesn't love us, that he's given us a raw deal, that our hope of changing is futile, that God's given up on us, or any number of other possibilities he has won half the battle.  That is why one of my favorite verses is John 9:32, "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."
      If we fill our minds with everything but the Word of God, we can't expect to be free.  The pure standard of truth can be found nowhere else.


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