Know It Alls

     We have three know it alls at our house.  One is fourteen, one is sixteen, and one is eighteen. Oh, don't get me wrong, they're "good kids", but somehow they just don't understand that the three of them, together, have less life experience than my husband and I have in combination.
     I could go hoarse reminding them that I know a little bit more about life than they do.  Sometimes I have to prove myself through an internet search or the backup of someone else.  Why can't they just believe me? Why the resistance, arguments, distrust, and sometimes even disobedience?  Well, obviously, because they are teens, that's why.  They have come to that place in life where they're trying to figure things out on their own.  They don't want Mom and Dad to tell them every move to make.  They want to think for themselves.
    Oh, but wait, I recognize some of those traits.  Don't my husband and I offer up those same attitudes and actions to God?  Don't we want to run the show?  Don't we think we know best?  I guess I need to recalculate.  Apparently, there are five know it alls at our house.


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