The Danger of Romance Novels

   Ask any woman whose husband is involved with pornography about the devastation to her marriage, and I'm sure she'll have plenty to say, and with good reason.  Pornography sets up unrealistic expectations in a man, robbing him of a real relationship.  It's a proven fact that the more a man views pornography, the more dissatisfaction he has with his wife,naturally.   Playboy models don't age.  Ever see a 60 year old as a centerfold?  I think not. They're never tired or distracted, rather they bear  that sexy come-on look, so appealing to a man.  There are never visible scars or stretch marks.  You won't find them arguing with or challenging a man.  Unlike a real woman, there is no responsibility attached.  How could anyone compete with that?  The long and short of it is, they can't.
   But what about the flip side?  What?  Me?  I'm not involved in pornography!  Probably not.  (I am aware of the fact that there are female porn addicts.) But are you creating your own fantasy world that your husband couldn't possible emulate?  I'm talking about romance novels; the emotional "porn" for women.  But, you say, I only read Christian romance.  Really?  Tell me those books don't make you daydream about the perfect man sweeping you off of your feet, to live happily ever after.  Is it really so different?  Fantasy is fantasy. Whereas porn appeals to  men primarily from a physical perspective, romance novels capture a woman's emotions.    Let's get real.  One is as destructive as the other, because they both accomplish the same thing - dissatisfaction with your mate.  So, let's stop kidding ourselves.
   I am not against romance.  In fact, just yesterday, I picked up a book at a flea market called "A Match Made in Heaven".  It is stories of  real romance, not the fluff of fanciful imagination. I've read the first two short stories, which prove God can orchestrate the most unlikely events to bring two people together.  How refreshing!  I've read other similar books, so they're out there, I know.  Even so, I think it would be wise to read them in moderation, not feast on them continually.  Instead, look for the beauty and wonder in your own marriage.


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