Widow's Mite

    When I had recent brain surgery, we had to travel to another state.  We needed to rent a motel for five nights; but when my daughter told her small group, one of the ladies offered to get an employee rate for a nearby motel.  Her son worked with that chain.  This was a huge savings to us.   The Sunday she announced the event to her church, she was handed $500 "for you and your mother's exxpenses."
     I am very grateful to God and to my daughter's church for aiding us in this manner.  As you can imagine, I had a whole host of worries in regard to this operation, and finances was one of them. However, we received one more gift from her church body, which impressed me the most.  A woman who was unemployed handed her $5.  Admittedly, $5, in the whole scheme of things was like a penny.  But, I knew in my heart of hearts, that this was the most sacrificial gift of all.
    Don't ever underestimate a gift, be it big or small.  You never know what it cost the person giving it to you.  For some, slipping you a rather large financial gift is of very little consequence to them.  Another, may invest a good deal of time in making you a gift, or even shopping for a gift, because resources are scarce.
    Don't ever look at someone's gift with scorn.  ( I am speaking to myself here, as well as you.)  Occassionally, we get a gift because someone "has to" give us one.  But more often than not, that gift was made or selected with love.  Be sure to be thankful, and be sure to express that thankfulness to the giver.


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