Just a Smile

   I met Dianna at at Linus Blanket Project.  She was sitting at my table and I noticed a pretty ring on her finger.  I complimented her, and she responded by passing the ring over for me to try on, and then, to  keep. That was a first for me!
   Later, as we chatted, we discovered that she knows my mother and her family.  She is about the age of my Aunt Sara, and she was interested in knowing how they were doing.  She also indicated that she was interested in my email address.  She has a painful disease, and keeping in touch by email is therapy for her.
  Since I am on facebook, I don't have too much interest in receiving the kind of emails I expected from her.  I get the same type from someone else, and they are of very little import to me. But, in the spirit of kindness, I obliged.  The emails are, for the most part, pretty much what I expected.  You know, send these on to your friends and back to me to see how many friends you have.  I consider those things to be in the same category as BFF, junior high level, at best.
   I have passed her emails on to the one or two people I know who would be interested, and sometimes I have responded with a little note. This morning, I received an email from her son.  His mother is having a whole lot of pain and is unable, at this point, to be in contact, but he wanted us to know how much we meant to her.  He also asked for our prayers.
  This life is filled with people who are hurting.  Depression is rampant.  Suicide is out of control!  You may never know how much a little gesture can mean to someone who is despairing.  A smile, a little conversation, a card, can go a long way.  Pay attention to those who are often left out for one reason or another.  These are the people to whom these little remembrances can mean so much.  Lift someone's spirits.  Get your mind off of yourself, and not only will someone else's day be brightened, but you will live in the glow of knowing you are making the world a better place.


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