Tomorrow's Thankfulness Challange

  I've printed August's portion of 1000 things to count and be grateful for by Ann Voskamp.  Whether I stick with this remains to be seen.  I've called myself random and global for years, but more and more, I'm just thinking ADD.  In any case, the challenge is, "three gifts sitting".  Three gifts sitting?  What does that mean?
  I suppose, by that she means, for instance, books, sitting on a shelf, a bird, sitting on a branch, or pillows sitting on a couch.  Seems almost too simplistic, and easy.  I have, however, a much greater challange facing me tomorrow, and that is 1000 things green.  By that, I mean the innumerable amount of green beans that need to be picked, snapped, and canned.
  After 30 years of being a "farmer's" wife, I'm still not very farmerish.  My girls were away for a short time.  I was given some simple tasks, such as, tie the young pygmy goat outside. She got away.  I tired of just getting within arm's reach of her, only to have her get away, again.  I finally gave up. On one hand, it's no big deal.  She'll stay on our property as long as Syler, the billy pygmy goat is tied here.  The problem is, she is too young to be bred, so I'm crossing my fingers she wasn't in heat.
   Back to the green beans.  The snapping part I don't mind at all.  I'll sit here, snap, and watch a sermon on youtube.  Picking?  That is the thing I am dreading the most.  And canning is not my favorite thing to do, but there are worse things; things like canning without air conditioning (which I did for years).
  So, tomorrow, I will try to be thankful for 1000 things green.  I will try to be thankful that I am physically able to pick.  I will be thankful that I live in the country.  I will try to be thankful regardless of how humid it might be or how many gnats pester me.  I will be thankful that I'll be eating green beans this winter.  But most of all, I will be thankful that I am not a migrant worker!


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