8 Reasons Why I'm at Home Full Time

1 - The Lord.  I feel like I can maximize my relationship with the Lord by being at home.  While here, I study the Bible, sing praise and worship songs, listen to sermons,  read Christian books, and pray.

2 - My husband.  After working all day, Tom likes to come home to me, not an empty house.  Usually, he will be greeted by the welcoming smells of supper cooking and an account of what happened here on the homefront.

3 - My children.  I don't believe it is even necessary to talk of diapers changed, mouths fed, lessons taught, temperatures taken, etc.  Since I have only one at home, and she is 16, my job is almost done, right? Wrong!  Presently, I am waiting for the announcement that another grandchiild is born and I will be off to New York to help my daughter and her family.  Later this month, I will surely be called as my daughter-in-law heads off to the hospital to have her baby, as well.  Daughters call, requesting recipes and  grandchildren call to share milestones.

4 - Extended family.  I've made visits to the hospital to see my dad, taken my mother for hosptial tests, taken my mother-in-law shopping, and visited my sister-in-law after she had surgery.  I used to stop in at the nursing home to keep parents and parents- in- law company, as well.

5 -  My church.  If I worked away from home during the day, I know I wouldn't take on as many responsibilities at church.

6 - My neighbors.  I know my neighbors.  I have witnessed to them, prayed for them, shared produce from the garden, cooked and baked for them, visited them, telephoned them, shared holiday greetings and gifts with them, and looked for lost dogs and children.

 7- Friends.  I've babysat for friends, talked on the phone with them, counseled them, prayed for them, visited one in the hospital, and took one to the hospital.

 8. Ministries around the world.  I have prayed for persecuted Christians around the world as well as various other ministries on a regular basis. I've served as a table host and stuffed envelopes for a crisis pregnancy center, I've ministered to ladies in a strip club, helped with the making and distribution of blankets for Project Linus, and gathered books for a Christian radio's book drive.  I've even represented homeschoolers on the radio and in the newspaper.

  Some would say all of these things could be done by a working woman, and they would be right, but not this woman.  Some would say that if I went to work I would have more contact with unbelievers and more opportunity to spread the gospel.  Perhaps.  I know one thing,  we each have the same amount of time in a day.  I'm not saying someone more industrious than I am couldn't get a great deal more accomplished than I do. Having agreed to that, I believe I can be of far greater value here in my home than I could ever be anywhere else.  This is my conviction, and I believe the Bible concurs.  Perhaps some day I will move on to other things, God knows.  For now, give me the title, keeper at home, and I will be content.


  1. I agree. I love being at home now. Had we had kids, I would have been here 24/7, but the Lord allowed me to teach in a Christian School for awhile.

    1. Be blessed in whatever you do in the name of the Lord.


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