Last year at Christmastime, I bought a fairly large angel wall hanging.  After Christmas was over, I decided to keep it on my wall.  I also had three other small angels in various mediums. and a pair of angel earrings my husband had bought me.Thus began my angel collection.   I certainly believe in angels; although I am not overly obsessed with them.  The Bible refers to them, but, likewise, is not excessively preoccupied with them.
    I used to have a hen and nest collection at one time.  At another, I collected geese.  I never set out to start any collections, actually, they just evolved.  God also has an assemblage, but not of things.  In Psalm 56:8 we learn that the Lord keeps track of all of our sorrow and collects all of our tears in a bottle.
   I don't know about you, but only God has any idea how many tears I have cried.  I do not like to cry for public display. Even in childhood, I often retreated to do my crying, usually in the company of a pet.  Now that I am an adult and know the Lord, most of my crying is in his presence, alone.
   Generally, people collect things because they bring pleasure in one way or another.  So, why does God collect our tears?  Does he derive pleasure? The Bible doesn't tell us, but I think that we can speculate that our tears are precious to Him.  Why?  Because He cares for us.  Aren't you grieved when someone you love is hurt?  In the same way, God notices.  He understands. He has compassion.
    Some of you are facing the holidays with heavy hearts.  Perhaps you have lost someone dear to you.  Maybe all the family gatherings exacerbate the torture of not being able to have a child.  Or, you may be one who has been single for far longer than you ever dreamed. Know this, God sees.  He cares.  And if, by chance, you shed a few tears, he'll be collecting them.


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