Give and Take

     During a heated facebook discussion over being an organ donor, one woman got all up in arms and said, "If you aren't an organ donor, you are just selfish."  Wow!  Seriously?  I'm an organ donor, though I haven't been for long, but I wouldn't say that.
     More discussion ensued, and she asked one guy, who said that he isn't a donor,whether or not he would be ok with being on the receiving end.  He said he would.  His reasoning was compelling. His premise is that we all give, albeit in different ways. That made me stop and think.
     The thought had never occurred to me that, although I am a donor, someone who is not, could receive an organ from me. I'm not sure why, because most of the time I can be pretty tit for tat, to my shame.
      Getting back to the guy's comment; it occurs to me that while I give a lot in certain scenarios, I give very little in others.  Let's take church, for instance.  Certainly, it could be said I do my share, or more, but I won't bore you with the details.  But then, let's look at a different situation; that of sports.  In all of the years my kids played AYSO, homeschool volleyball, Upward basketball, and Little League baseball, I did next to nothing.  Basically, that is because I barely even cared enough to watch the games. So, I did what was required, and often complained about that. Likewise, there are people who are on the fringe of the church, who never do their share.  Basically, they just show up, and often that isn't even a regular event.
        Besides interests, there are so many other things that are involved.  While one person has money to give, another has time. While one person is giving in a way that puts him/her in the limelight, another works quietly behind the scenes. While one is in a season of life that enables giving, another is not.
        There are, of course, just takers.  They are always in it to see how they can benefit themselves, with little regard or concern for others.  When one is involved with a taker, boundaries need to be set, for sure.
        Each of us should, I believe, be able to receive as well as give.  One who can never graciously accept something from someone else is exhibiting pride and denying someone the joy of giving.
        We would all do well to live a life of reciprocity; not giving with the motive of receiving, but giving out of a grateful heart for the blessings that we enjoy. Use the gifts and talents God has given you not only to benefit yourself and your family, but to encourage someone else or make life a little easier for them. Everyday we can experience the blessing of giving and receiving.  God never intended for us to horde everything for ourselves.  Neither did he intend for us to live life in stubborn independence.



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