Close Quarters

  On a particular Sunday, a man in our church asked if my daughter, who is in the Air Force, had been home for the holidays.  She had been, but he had missed her.  The reason, he said, is because our family doesn't take up much space.  I gave him a puzzled look.  "You all sit so close together", he said, "even you and Tom" (my husband).
  I gave him the explanation for that.  Despite the fact that we have seven children, we live in a home that is about the size of a double-wide mobile home.  Not all seven have lived here at once, but six have.  Now that we are down to three, I can't imagine how we did it.  I do know that at one time, I felt like sardines in a can.
  The beauty of it all, which had to be pointed out by my wise daughter, is that we have had to learn how to get along.  There has never been any place to retreat from everyone else.  Living in such close proximity has been good for us.
  Given the choice, I would have lived in a home that would have better accomodated our large family.  But, as usual, God used a less than perfect situation and turned it into something good.


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