Yesterday, I heard a door slam and then some ladies' voices.  I looked out to see two strangers, and I knew right away it was Jehovah's Witnesses.  Sometimes, my neighbor calls to warn me, but this time she hadn't.  I guess she assumes I want to know so that I won't answer the door.
  The truth is, I welcome these encounters.  In the past I have tried to prove them wrong through my knowledge of Bible verses. For one, I know that they have predicted the end of the world on several occassions, and so, I have told them, based on that, they are false prophets.  That has made more than one hot under the collar.
    The speaker said they were there to share some Bible verses.  Then, of course, she brought up a current problem which is tied in with the latest Watchtower they hope to give. This is their method.
  This time, the subject was marriage.  As she made her presentation, I inwardly prayed for the Holy Spirit's help in knowing what to say.  I was able to share that my parents had been divorced, but reconciled after my mother was saved.
  I said that I had done much research on the subject of marriage, before, and since I've been married, and that didn't make things any easier.  Without Christ, it is impossible.
  They didn't linger at my door too long, but they went away on a pleasant note.  I'm sure that one conversation like that won't do a whole lot.  But what if they were to engage in these kind of conversations on a regular basis? 
  Therefore, the next time they come knocking at your door, if you are a born again Christian, don't cower in fear or pretend you aren't at home.  Swing wide the door of opportunity.  Inwardly pray, and open up your mouth with holy boldness.  Lastly, don't second guess yourself after they are gone.


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