Some Practical Advice

  Being a random, global person, means I have very little organization or structure in my life.  However, there is one area I have down pat, but only because I mimic what my mother has always done.
  Pick a day of the week to do your grocery shopping.  Now get a piece of letter size paper (I always use the back of something, so as not to waste paper.) Fold in half.  On one side will be your menu for the week.  On the other, is your grocery list.  Put this somewhere convenient.  Mine goes on the side of my frig.
  As you are cooking, you will notice, for instance, that your butter is running low.  Put that on your list.  Perhaps you use chicken broth on a regular basis and have just used your last can.  List that.  Do this throughout the week.  Then, come up with a menu for the week.  You can wait until you are ready to do your weekly shopping, or list things as they come to your mind throughout the week.  Perhaps, like me, you enjoy trying new recipes.  Assemble any you want to try so you will know what to put on your list.
  After I have made my menu for the week, and have my list, I double check things like butter, eggs, flour, sugar, and tea.  I also go to the bathroom to double check toilet paper, shampoo, and soap.
  My kids know if they need/want something from the store it better get on the list.  Clarinet reeds?  Listed.  While I am doing laundry, I may notice someone is due for new socks.  That, too, goes on the list. 
  Do I need to stop at the library while in town?  I write library at the bottom.  Stamps?  Yes, that goes on the list, too, so I remember to stop at the post office.
  This method isn't foolproof, but it comes pretty close.  Occassionally, I have to ask my husband to stop for a loaf of bread, or a gallon of milk.  But it sure beats guesswork.


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