Legacy of Fatherhood

  One of the first things that attracted me to my husband was seeing him around children.  I once heard that dogs and children are good at judging character.  Well, both highly esteem my husband.
  At a church I used to attend, the pastor once randomly said that boys shouldn't play with dolls.  Not so!  My son, Ben, used to play house with his sisters.  What's wrong with a boy practicing to be a father?  Now he didn't play with dolls in the same manner his sister Tabitha did.  She would sit for long stretches at a time in a rocking chair "nursing" her baby.  If he had done that, I would have been more than concerned.  Instead he played the daddy role. 
  Once, while playing with his sister, Rachel, I heard him tell her, "Mommies don't work!"  Apparently, she intended to pretend she was going off to a job, and he would have none of that.
  On Sunday morning, I looked up to see the youth pastor's baby in my son Andrew's lap, and again on Wednesday night he was handed to him by the baby's mother.  Andrew is obviously going to follow in his father's footsteps. 
  I saw what a wonderful father my husband's dad was, I've seen my husband as an excellent father, and now I see that same quality coming out in my sons.  What a legacy!


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