Mutually "Spoiled"

  My three youngest children often say that their sister-in-law is "spoiled" by their older brother.  She gets him to do things by begging, "Please".  I'm not talking about anything huge here, but rather, more than likely, a trip out to the car to get something she forgot, or some other small inconvenience.
  This past weekend, however, he injured himself, and I found out that she served him breakfast in bed.  And this is hardly the only way she "spoils" him.  She prepares his coffee in the morning so that all he has to do is click a switch, and she lets him buy "toys" that are anything but cheap.
  So, I'm really not sure who spoils whom more, and this is a very good thing.  Because in the end, marriages where one gives and one takes are certainly less than ideal.  And so are 50/50 marriages.  The best marriages are ones in which each is more concerned with giving than taking.


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