Little Things

  My kids harass me about the fact that I get excited by "little things".  They think I "don't have a life".  But nothing could be farther from the truth.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Not being able to find joy in the simple pleasures of life is really discontentment and ungratefulness.
  I think this is a big problem in the church of America. I'm not saying it is always wrong not to be satisfied with the status quo.  What I am saying is that sometimes the Christian life is not glorious.  Jesus isn't going to walk on water for us all the time.  Sometimes it is painful, dull, or frustrating. 
  Some of us don't have the patience to wait for God to show up, so we manufacture the supernatural.  But those seeking out these experiences are never satisfied.  They are ever looking for their next "fix". 
  But what does the Bible say?  Godliness with contentment is great gain.  It also says to be thankful in all things.  Lastly, it says to wait on the Lord. 
  I think it is a temptation as we grow older to start to look at our lives and think we've never accomplished anything great for God.  We fail to take into account all the "little things" that matter to the Lord.  Did we give a cup of water in his name?  Did we defend the helpless?  Did we clothe the naked?  Have we walked in integrity?
  Let's live one day at a time, embracing the moment, rejoicing that this day was made by the Lord.  Let's learn to be satisfied.  He would want it to be so.


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