A Good Day

  What constitutes a good day for you?  A day filled with sunshine?  Completion of everything on your to do list?  Lunch with a friend?  A good buy?
   Yesterday, I awoke with quite a headache.  In fact, I thought it was going to be one of those days I wouldn't be eating.  Thankfully, it wasn't. 
   In the shower, I encountered pain from another source that caused me to forget the headache, momentarily.  I prayed and praised through that.
   I was able to get dressed, have science with Andrew (just a few more entries to go), and later go to the dentist with Becky.  While we were away, Liz mowed the yard. 
   I slept on the way home while Andrew drove and went to bed after we got home.  When I awoke at 3:30, I asked Becky if she would make supper, to which she agreed.
   Instead, I ended up getting up and serving myself communion.  After that, I was able to make supper, wash the dishes, and even get together some things for the blessing table at church.  On the way to church, we picked up a young man who goes with us on Wednesday nights.
   Looking back, I was very grateful for the grace of God; grateful I could make supper, grateful that we could get Becky to the dentist, grateful to be able to go to church and take someone with us, grateful that we had things to give, grateful to get through another day, grateful that Liz mowed the lawn.  Much was left undone, but instead of focusing on that, God enabled me to focus on what I was able to accomplish. 
  I am reminded of what Woodrow Kroll always says at the close of his radio broadcasts.  My prayer for you is the same every day at this time; that you would have a good and godly day, for of what lasting value is a good day if it's not also a godly day.


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