What's a Woman to Do?

    A friend of our kids is going to beauty school.  Her sister asked if I needed a perm.  I thought she was asking because I obviously did, but no, it was because, of course, her sister needed to do a certain amount of perms for the program. 
  The following week, I was thinking my hair really could use a trim and so I decided to do the girl a favor by going to the beauty school and requesting her.  My daughter went to beauty school and I know this is a constant struggle.
  When I sat down in the chair, I told her I just wanted it trimmed.  I thought that was self explanatory, but she asked if I wanted long or short layers.  Part of me wanted short layers but I know that is not what is in style and I honestly thought mine were long, so I went with that.  Afterwards, I sat there thinking that from the front it looked like my hair was all one length. 
  After getting home and taking a good look, I knew this was definitely not what I wanted, so I called my forty something beautician.  She got me in the next day.  She proceeded to give me a cut that was not what I have gotten from her before, either.  I'm guessing it would have qualified as short layers.  I'm sure my hair is not what you will see on the front of a magazine cover, unless you are looking at an old one.  But, guess what, it is perfect for me. 
  When my daughter was a beautician, she talked about fifty year old women coming in, looking at her, and saying that they wanted her style, to which she rolled her eyes. She said they wanted to look 35, and she couldn't do that.  At the same time, if they came in and wanted their hair curly instead of straight, she again rolled her eyes.  There is no winning when you are in your fifties.
   If I wear a pair of pants that reach my waist instead of my hips, my kids say I am wearing "mommy" pants.  My defense is that, not only am I a mommy, I'm a grandmommy, and so I am allowed to wear "mommy" pants.  If I wear something more fashionable, they complain I'm too old to wear something like that.
  And here lies the dilemma.  Just how is a fifty something woman supposed to look?  It is something I struggle with all the time.  I have seen women dress ridiculously for their age, and the thought that I might do the same is ever present with me.  But I don't want to dress like an old lady, either.
  It is sort of like being a teenager, you're not a child anymore but you're not grown yet, either.  So, some days you act like one and some days the other.  Eventually, you become less and less like a child and more and more like an adult.
  I guess, then, I can look forward to looking more and more like an older person and less and less like the women I see on magazine covers.  And you know what?  That is ok because it is hard to imitate youth when you just don't have it anymore anyway. 


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