Spider Hunt

     Our boys have always loved guns.  From the time they could request Christmas and birthday gifts, you can be sure, guns have been on the list.  It started, of course, with play guns - squirt guns, double barreled cork guns, cap guns, any kind of gun.  From there it progressed to BB guns, shot guns, and finally rifles. 
     However, it didn't stop at that. "Real" guns for the "big boys" weren't enough!  Enter paintball guns, and later, air rifles.
     Being the traditional (thanks to my husband) and competitive (both of us) family that we are, traditions started to evolve around guns.  Probably the first was the annual shooting of rolling tires at the WeGe Farm on Thanksgiving Day.  This ended after my husband's parents moved off of the farm into town. 
    Sometime, a few years back, the annual D-Day with paintballing became popular.  The guys go in a group and even tent the night before so they are ready for the big war the following morning.
    There was a stint of paintballing on Easter, but more recently, shooting clay birds has come in vogue.
    But perhaps the strangest turn of events in regard to guns happened here recently.  Every fall we have a rash of big brown spiders invading our house, especially our basement.  This year was particularly troublesome.  So, out came the guns, air soft guns, that is.  Becky (14) and Andrew (18) went for a hunt in the basement, while Liz (15) shined a flashlight around to try and find them.  The second night it became a competition, of course.  I'm not sure who won, but the spiders lost. I haven't seen any for the last few days.  Hallelujah!


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