The Tradition Continues

  We have never celebrated Halloween at our house.  It is Satan's high and holy day of the year.  But all of the hoopla surrounding it has left our kids feeling out of the loop.
  Years ago, our neighbor started buying our kids pumpkins to carve every October.  Needless to say, I wasn't too sold on the idea, but allowed it.  It was their solitary Halloween indulgence. 
  Once she stopped the practice, our oldest daughter, Tabitha, took up the tradition.  It is something our younger daughters have always anticipated with joy.  Tabitha loves crafts, and not only this, but the annual egg dying at Easter just aren't the same without her presence.
  Now that she is grown, the girls still hopefully look toward this occurence, asking if she is coming home.
This weekend, she'll be here with her family for a wedding.  For the first time, I bought the pumpkins this year - one for Liz (15), one for Becky (14), and one Matthan, my two year old grandson.  Now he will be the recipient of this beloved occassion.


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