Errand Boy

     When my son, Andrew, first started working for Good's construction, he was, of course, low man on the totem pole.  Even though he had helped my son, Ben, build his house from beginning to end, he still had plenty to learn, both about the working world, and construction in general.
      I don't think he minded being the "go-fer".  After all, unless you really love working, why not get paid to run around and pick up supplies? But I'm sure there was no doubt in his mind he was picked for one reason, and one reason alone, he was the most expendable.
    We live "out in the middle of nowhere".  Sure, there are little stores in our vacinity, but they just don't carry everything we need.  I try to shop once a week.  I am careful to keep a list of things as we empty them.  In addition, I plan my meals, but still, some things can't be predicted, and sometimes I am just not 100% perfect   (surprise, right?).
   At those times, I sometimes ask my neighbor.  She's an elderly lady who has lived through the depression. You know how that is - three of everything.  But there are things she just doesn't have, obviously.  Other times, I will run to a local store.  And other times, I ask my husband to pick it up on his way home from work.
   My husband drives right past a number of stores, so you may wonder why that choice isn't first on the list.  Well, it may be because I need something to make supper and if I wait until he brings it, I'll be behind schedule.  But that is not the number one reason.  The number one reason is that I don't want to make him my errand boy.
  My husband has gotten up early, made a 45 minute trip to work, worked for at least 8 hours, and now has a 45 minute trip home.  Often, especially in nice weather, he is eager to get home so he can work in the garden, fix a vehicle, or take somebody to a soccer practice. He doesn't need for me to call him a few times a week to ask him to make a stop to buy something for me.
  We have our own chickens.  We haven't been buying eggs for some time, but yesterday, my daughter Liz announced we needed eggs.  I had just gone shopping the day before!  Apparently, they were being used quicker than usual.  The worst of it was, Tom had just stopped for bread the other day, as well.  I shot him an email, asked if he would get them, and apologized.  He sent an email back, wondering, "Why the apology?"
  Tom is always gracious about stopping, but I think even he would tire of it if I made no real attempt to avoid asking him and bugged him day after day to stop for something. It's just something I have always done out of respect for him.
  What things do you do/not do to show respect for your husband?


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