Ridiculous Looking or Ridiculous Acting?

  I saw her in the grocery store.  Her hair was one of those spikey doos, but it was way too long for that.  It is hard to describe just how awful it looked, but since my finger, which had been smashed in a window earlier in the day, was killing me, I was more focused on my pain than her looks. Then, as I was bagging my groceries, I saw it.  Two women were standing in another line.  One elbowed the other and looked toward the spikey lady.  They were making fun of her.
  I'm not sure, but I think the lady with the wierd hair thought she was pulling it off.  She was wearing a good amount of makeup  and there were about five stud earrings in her ear, all in a row. I was trying to decide whether or not she was really confident, or questioning herself deep down.  I'm not sure.
  One of my biggest fears is that I'll be in her shoes someday.  Surely, I have been, already, at some point.  In trying to make ourselves look attractive, we run the risk of doing it poorly, overdoing it, or not wearing something age appropriate.  Like everything else, some people are better than others at "decorating" themselves.
  The lesson I learned yesterday had nothing to do with fashion, and everything to do with character.  How many times have I been the one to point out someone's disastrous attempts at looking nice?  I wonder, had I not had a finger that was killing me, and my girls had been along, would I have said, "Look at that woman over there?"  Probably.  Shame on me!


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