Fat Lady, Skinny Lady

    Bras for $5 - Walmart style.  They were sorted into carts by cup sizes.  A very thin, unattractive young woman, accompanied by her very thin unattractive boyfriend, started picking them up, within earshot of me, and saying, "fat lady, big lady".
    I don't know how old she was, but of this I am sure, at her age, I weighed no more.  In my days as an unbeliever, I probably would have told her, "I was thin at your age, too, but I wasn't ugly!" Instead, I just thought it.
   This morning, while I was doing dishes, I thought again of the scenario.  I honestly prayed that she would never experience the humiliation of being fat.  And then I added, "Because, God knows, she has nothing else going for her".


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