A Message for Sampson

   I sat in the church with my family; little notecard and pencil on my lap.  The "assignment" was to write something for baby Sampson that would then  be attached to a balloon and released heavenward.  And I didn't know what to write.
  The rest of my family had no intentions of even trying.  None of them had even picked up the paper and pencil.  But I am a writer.  I love to write!  Give me an excuse.
  The task should have been easy enough.  Plenty of nonwriters had already done it.  Was I overthinking?  But here was my dilemma - the juxtaposition of feelings.  In front of me stood a couple who were grieving the unfathomable loss of their baby boy who had lived for only an hour and a half. Indeed, this was a very dark day in their life.
   Samson, he was already in glory.  Deep down, I envied him.  He would never be in the grievous position his parents now found themselves. In fact, he would never even know the brief pain of a skinned knee! Besides that, any joys that this earth could offer are so insignificant to the continual bliss of heaven.  With that, pencil in hand, I wrote my message - Happy Forever, Sampson.


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