In Defense of Homeschooling

  My church denomination, Christian and Missionary Alliance, publishes a magazine called Alliance Life.  In 2003, an article was published that said we need to send our children out as missionaries to the public school.  It denounced, as I recall, not doing so because of the present darkness.  I sent this reply, which was never published:

   Yes, Pastor Harvey, homeschooing is here to stay, not so much because of the "times", but because there is a spiritual battle and we are preparing the troops.
   Every country knows that preparation is 99% of the battle. No one waits until war is declared to start to prepare.  Preparation is a constant activity.  We don't send children out to battle, we send adults; adults that have been specially trained.  Everyone knows children are not suitable for battle.  They are weak, prone to childhood diseases, inexperienced, and without wisdom.  The scriptures state that foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child.  Who wants to send fools to the front line?  Furthermore, who would be foolish enough to send future soldiers to the enemy's camp for training?  Not us!
   We are involved in a great work.  Our children will not be mortally wounded before they are even mature enough to know that there is a battle.  They will be the generals, the lieutenants, colonels, captains, and sergeants.
   Ad yes, their families will have priority.  Of what value is there in winning the whole world and losing your own family?  A church full of broken families is not a strong church.  A society filled with broken families is not a strong society.
  Many of us did not choose homeschooling.  We were just obedient when God called us to the task.  We will continue to be obedient, even if those within the ranks throw stones at us.  We will not be intimidated by spiritual talk.  We know whom we have believed and are persuaded that He is able to keep that which we've committed unto Him against that day.



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